A unique genre and we are well versed in the religious and cultural aspects of the Hindu wedding ceremony. Our experience stems from over two decades photographing Asian weddings enabling us to understand and anticipate the various ceremonies that are performed on the days leading up to your wedding and on the auspicious day itself.

Hindu wedding the bride and groom are sat on the floor with the priest and are sprinkling seeds into the fire

Documentary Asian Wedding Photography

Our approach to Asian Wedding Photography is in a documentary style that is often referred to as photojournalistic or reportage. We will capture a narrative of moments throughout the day that will reflect the nature of your wedding and we endeavour to keep our need for your attention to a minimum. Allowing instead for you to concentrate on the various religious ceremonies throughout the day and to let yourself be absorbed in the atmosphere that will be a reflection of your wedding day. 
We believe your wedding should not be a melodrama and therefore we promise not to prompt you into awkward and fake setup situations but will capture all your ceremonies naturally, of course there will be certain times that a formal photograph is requested and we will work with you quickly and stress free to create your images.
hindu wedding ladies dancing at the arrival of the groom
Hindu wedding groom applying red sindhu to the brides forehead
hindu wedding a closeup of hands being joined by the priest
As is tradition everybody loves to be in the formal family photographs and we will work with you to make these stress free and manageable, and if time prevails we would love to spend a few moments to create some beautiful portraits to add to your collection.

A Choice of Options

Your images will be presented to you as a set of digital files on a USB stick ready for printing, together with an online web gallery for you to share with your friends and family around the globe. We can also design beautiful layouts from a selection of the images to display in one our contemporary albums. Please call and make an appointment at our studio if you would like to browse through previous weddings and discuss your photography in further detail.
a view into a briefcase with an Indian wedding album
front cover of an Asian wedding album
an open spread of an Asian wedding album


Pricing is a contentious issue because we do not like to think that the reason for choosing our services would be down to price alone, preferring to believe that the style and quality of our work would be the deciding factor, however we do understand that it is an important issue so that you can budget and plan accordingly. Our initial price guide is based on the hours required to cover your wedding photography and provide you with a set of digital files ready for printing.

A typical 10 hour days coverage to create a set of digital files begins at £1450 and an 8 hour day at £1250, some weddings may require much less time whilst others may well extend longer and require several days. We can assess your exact requirements based on an initial meeting at our studio and provide you with a personalised quote which may be higher or lower than our initial fee.

In addition to creating a set of digital files we can also take your favourite images and create beautiful designer wedding albums for you which start from as little as £750. Your images will be designed into a series of layouts which you can amend and approve online before we create your final masterpiece.

Peace of mind wherever you are

We have photographed Asian weddings from all over the country and are aware of the legal and Health & Safety concerns at different wedding venues, so for yours and our protection we always have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Our studio is based in the heart of Mossley and some of our nearest towns and cities are Manchester, Saddleworth, Oldham, Ashton Under Lyne and Stalybridge however many of our Asian Weddings are from further afield and it is not uncommon to find us in Yorkshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire and many of the popular Asian communities in Bradford, Leicester and London. We are happy to accommodate you wherever your wedding may be.

Asian Wedding Portfolios

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The Boys

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Arrival of Groom

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