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professional photographer portrait
Vanilla Photography is owned and run by Kiran Mistry. His professional background stems from shooting commercial photography of people, places and products for advertising agencies, design groups and small businesses.

In the very early years Kiran derived his professional experience working in the throng of commercial photographic studios around Manchester, since then he has travelled extensively in the UK and abroad on commission for major corporations. Over the years he has had personal exhibitions and collected many awards and acquired the skills to work equally well shooting in a studio or on location and is conversant with a fully digital and colour managed workflow.
“My interest in photography stems from an interest in people and their cultures.  With my personal photography I love to explore the everyday lives and tales of different people, observing and recording the profound differences in values and customs amongst different social groups. My character studies are a reflection of building rapport with each subject and delving into their personal lives to understand first the person behind the face and then to portray them photographically as best I can.”
portrait of an Indian man
portrait of an Indian woman contemplatively looking off to the side
gritty black and white portrait of an Indian man
Ghanaian giel wearing a yellow dress laughing at the camera
Ghanaian girl staring back at the camera from inside a hut
happy Ghanaian girl with a stripey orange top holding her thumbs up to the camera